Wanted: data scientists

Are you staff or student at the University of Warwick?

They say data scientists are the new rock stars. Are you statistically skilled, intellectually curious, with a passion to explain things and maybe even with an eye for graphic design? You might be using these skills in your study or it might be something you do in your spare time, or something you’d love to do more of. If the Guardian Data Blog or Information is Beautiful is up your street, I’d love to hear from you.

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Academic Technology Team at Warwick

This is my first post in my new role heading up the Academic Technology Team at the University of Warwick.

My new employers have recognised the need to look at academic technology in a fresh way: to grow within existing networks of practice, to listen carefully to the current and emerging requirements of academics, to work with all the other support services to help with the development of teaching, learning and research. We’re just putting the finishing touches to the full team line-up, so I’ll introduce them in a future post.

We will be building on our existing expertise but also introducing new systems, supporting new approaches, and championing the development of effective provision. It’s unusual and exciting that we will have this role for technology in research as well as in teaching.

The team is very much part of a wider network at Warwick, and I’ll be using this blog to seek skills and input from Warwick and beyond, as well as for providing updates as we progress.