Forthcoming presentations

I’m planning various presentations at the moment, things suddenly seem to have sped up! So far the list is …

Monday 10th June, talking to the Learning Technologies Module of the Healthcare Education Masters. My topic is “involving stakeholders in your project”.

Wednesday 12th June, talking at the Heads of eLearning Forum about “Bring your own identity“, rather intimidated by the other speakers!

Monday 17th June, hopefully doing a brief talk at the Educational Technology Research Group in Warwick’s computer sciences department. Not sure what my focus will be but really looking forward to meeting the group.

Thursday 19th June, part of a talk to the Warwick Learning and Teaching Showcase (internal) about MOOCs. Hoping to spark some discussion!

Wednesday 26th June, a rather scary plenary at the Institutional Web Managers Workshop (more affectionately known as a iwimiwim conference), on “Turning our attention to supporting research”.

Looking ahead to September, hoping to have my resubmitted proposal accepted for ALT-C, where I hope to give a short paper called “Stepping back, up and forwards to make technological innovation work”. It is about how we are reframing the work of my team as “academic technologies” within our context in the a services development group in IT Services. I’m also listening out for news of eResearch conferences we should be at, I know there is usually one that clashes with ALT-C. Hopefully we can get to one, though not so much on the e-science end, more interested in the digital humanities, scholarly publishing and whole institution research data management.

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